Shopping Brimfield

Hi! Bruce Barone here, filling in for my wife Susan who is off today.
Back in May of 2012, I wrote a guest Blog post for Dovecote Decor. Here it is. I hope you enjoy it.
In geography class we learned
between Boston and the Berkshires
sits the small town named Brimfield;
35 square miles
first settled in 1706–
today its population is 4000
and the town is the site
of the largest antique show in New England,
some say the largest outdoor antique show
in the world, held since 1959
in Brimfield three times each year.
Thursday, May 10, found me on the fields of Brimfield
booked to dealer capacity
under a stormy sky.
Soon after my arrival
the clouds parted and I saw a sign.

Ahead of me the puddled path:
If I fell in the water
I would say “Save me friend.
Throw me a life

I swam on and forward
taking me first to a woman
who I asked “May I photograph you?”
“Here’s my card,” I said, and she said
“How should I pose?”

Then I walked on
and I studied the signs:

I wondered why
they wrote this one
as it was so clear
what it was:

“Great for cooking”
I would have written but no
one asked me. Never-mind I said
as I turned a puddled corner and beheld:

I realized then abundant blessings
flow to me and through me.
I saw
the beautiful bottles

How lovely I thought
they would be in my garden
near a bird house:

this one nailed to the top
of an old pitch fork
contrasting with the recycled license plates:

Maine, I read,
Vermont, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania.
In junior high school in
New Jersey
I played the drums:

Today I might play
a beat or two
with forks and spoons

Have I mentioned there is here
on the fields of Brimfield
a flea market atmosphere
what with Goofy and Mickey:

And Donald Duck:

Once I worked with a woman
named Tita:

In college I was
an art history major:

I thought of Cezanne when I saw
this painting and later Grandma Moses:
Ah, yes, over the river and through the woods
to grandmother’s we go;
be sure to bring along the luggage dear:

I hope she serves us
tea or hot chocolate
in her beautiful cups:

And maybe we all will get
to play with those old toys:

Honk. Honk.
Watch out I am
heading out:

Where are you
going, Bruce,
to a fire?

I saw this old jug;
I thought my friend
Scot Meacham Wood
might like it:

And a frog for Susan;
my fiance, she collects
frogs for our gardens:

Never one to be shy
of color I loved
these chairs:

And this telephone chair and table:
Hello. Hello.

And I love these items
simply for the color:

Open the door,
pull out the gin
and lets make
a pitcher of martinis:

I could tell
by the hands
of the clock it was
getting near Tweet Time:

I walked first
to the great tent of Pandora–
Pandora de Balthazar
A MUST see:

Along the way
there were dolls
in an old police car:

There was this year’s model
or was it last year’s model:

Saw another sign
but alas I never saw
the advertised merchandise:

I had to get to the tent;
the Tweet up
was starting

here my friend
Warren Bobrow
mixed me a delightfully thirst-quenching cocktail;
homemade lemonade, gin, and bitters–I think:

I chatted with
the friendly and fashionable
Anne Flanders,
Managing Editor of Fashion Decor

I chatted with
the handsome and distinguished
Shane Inman

I chatted with
the charming and charitable
Cari Cucksey

And me?
You would have recognized me
by my green sweater
and hat

Let me end this update
with one last sign
I saw on the fields of Brimfield
which I believe
is a beautiful daily mantra;
because of the power of words–
whatever we voice
we begin to attract:

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