Mare and the DPW

Bruce Barone  and I were just having our lunch and Bruce was expressing his dissatisfaction with the West Springfield DPW for only having 2 special pick ups in the Spring for lawn debris. He thinks there should be more pickups, rather than having citizens bring their own debris to the town dump. He asked if Mare was ever dissatisfied with the DPW.

I can remember one time Mare called the DPW. She told the Superintendent that she “didn’t like the way the trash man T-H-R-E-W her trash barrel, rather then placing it down, upright on the side of the street”. She said there was no need for that.


He responded: “Lady that’s the LEAST of my problems.”

Can’t you just picture him? I big man with a gravely voice with a cigar hanging out of his mouth, taking Mare’s call?

Later when she told me about it, Mare laughed. She said he’d have  something to tell his wife that night about his day at work.

Lesson Learned~If you are going to complain, be sure it is legitimate and significant enough to be taken seriously by the receiver.

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