Joe Gets Out-smarted and Mare Gets Her Due


Joe determined that the time was right to sell the bar business based on economic conditions at the time.  I am sure Mare was very happy to know of his decision for it would be the end of crazy years for her.

When it came time for the legal closing meeting with the new buyers, Mare showed up with her own attorney to represent her. [I’ll let you add your own exclamation point there.] Do you believe it?  Joe must have shit in his pants, but even a rage-aholic knows when to behave, right? Her lawyer, Mr. White, demanded on Mare’s behalf to get one half of the proceeds from the sale. Done deal.

Mare told me Joe never, ever said anything to her about her bold move. She thought Joe didn’t like it one bit, but he knew he deserved what he got. And, she got what she deserved as a monetary compensation for all the nonsense she put up with. She is one smart, bold woman.

Lesson Learned~Explore all your options. And, as the songs says “Maybe you’ll think before the next time you cheat.”