Chance meetings that satisfy the soul


A few days ago, I stopped by Savers Thrift Store. Savers ( is a for-profit shop, unlike Goodwill or Salvation Army. The West Springfield Savers donates a percentage of its profits to The West Springfield Boys and Girls Club. It is definitely hit or miss, but I rarely leave with out buying something.



I have found Wexford glasses and amber colored canisters~both of which I collect~at Savers as well as on I have also found frogs for my garden d├ęcor at Savers and on



Currently, I am shopping for vases and plates to make glass garden sculptures. Here’s some photos of a few that I have made.




While I was shopping and holding up vases and plates trying to imagine what they might look like together, I gained the attention of two women shoppers. One said to the other, “Let’s follow her.”

I explained that I was buying vases and plates to make sculptures for our yard and flower gardens. They would occasionally hold something up for me to consider. When I was about to cash out, I showed them all the stuff I found. One woman picked up a couple pieces from the shelf and started playing around. I made a suggestion and “Viola!” she had a nice looking sculpture. She was so happy and decided to buy the three pieces~ a dark blue short square vase, a round clear plate, and a tall chartreuse vase. I told her what glue to use and wished her luck. Here’s what I found…Eighteen pieces for about $50.00.


These interactions and connections are soul satisfying, aren’t they? God is in the small details of our daily lives.

As I was checking out, I overheard that a woman had lost her car keys. She had called for a tow and a locksmith as she didn’t have a second set at home. She said she dropped them somewhere and that someone “took” her keys.

After I got all my bundles in my car, I went to speak with her. I could see that she was rattled and I wanted to offer some calming words. She confirmed that she checked everywhere twice. I ended our conversation by saying, “Well, all that is left to do is pray.” She said she would. I said a prayer for her, too.

Lesson Learned~Offer a smile, an encouraging word, advice and a prayer to people with whom you cross paths.