my skin and hair care routine since rosacea and alopecia

I have an appointment coming up at renew.calm with Dawn Nooney, the owner and esthetician. I had been seeing another esthetician , but when Dawn’s schedule opened up, I switched. I thought it will be easier to write about my skin care routine than to tell her about it. It would use up my precious treatment time and I would likely leave something out. This litany will also be helpful for my dermatologist who treats me for rosacea, demodex, and alopecia and my ophthalmologist who I see for ocular rosacea  [when it spreads to my eyes]. Do I even need to say that I am post-menopausal?

For the most part, I have a nice complexion, so I am told. My rosacea outbreaks take the form of small red dots and small pimples on my face and on my eye lids [ocular]. I have two bald spots on my scalp which have not grown nor spread to other parts of my scalp. My hair has been steadily thinning.

Here are the vitamins and supplements I take daily for a variety of reasons:

B-6, Magnesium, and zinc tablet

Evening Primrose oil, 1100 mg x 2

Milk Thistle, 200 mg x 2

Vitamin D3, 2000 units x 2

Vitamin D3 10,000 iu, liquid drops

Turmeric, 1160 mg

Metagenix Multi Vitamin Packet


viviscal PRO [I just started using this hair health supplement 4/2019 and purchased it at lovely skin which had a 20% off sale.]

Liquid Extracts [1ml each]

Liposomal DHEA

White ginseng  extract

Fo-ti extract

Green tea antioxidant extract

B-6 extract

grapefruitSeed extract

Ashwagandha extract

I buy my vitamins and supplements and extracts from various online vitamin sites and tend to buy high-end clinical line products.

Prescription medications and OTC recommended by my doctors

For the facial rosacea, I take an antibiotic orally Doxycycline hyclate 100 mg twice a day,   as well as apply two antibiotic facial creams:  Metronidazole cream, 0.75% and Azelaic Acid Gel 15%, twice a day.

For the ocular rosacea, I use a prescription antibiotic ointment on my eye lids. I also use a prescription spray–Hydrocholoros acid spray.  I use OTC OCuSOFT lid scrub. It’s a pre-moistened pad.  And, I use OTC Systane eye drops for dry eyes. I buy OTC at the local Rite Aid store.

Here’s my skin care routine.

First thing in the morning, I clean my eye lids with the pre-moistened pad. Then, I massage my face with almond oil which is infused with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a very effective antiseptic to use in treating rosacea and ocular rosacea. I take my oral antibiotic with breakfast.

Later, I shower and use tea tree oil soap which I make myself, Soap by Susan. In addition to washing my face with soap, I also use a clinical facial cleanser, such as  Perricone MD Nutrtive Cleanser or Obagi Nu-Derm Foaming Gel. I use Foreo, a facial cleansing devise–it is made with silicone and it has a gentle stimulating motion. You can find it here at:  foreo

After showering, I apply Physiodermie Stabilizing Lotion ph Balancing to my face. Then, the two antibiotic creams to my face.  I put in the eye drops.

I use tizo2 sunscreen before applying my make up. I won’t go into my make up though it is relatively quick and easy.  I set my makeup with Mario Badescu Facial spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater. It is quite divine.

At lunch, I take all my vitamins, supplements and extracts with a tall glass of water and pomegranate juice.

At dinner, I take my second dose of oral antibiotic.

At night, I remove my make up by washing my face with Soap by Susan. It is olive oil based so make up dissolves easily. Then, I apply the second dose of antibiotic creams.  And lastly, I apply physiodermie Multi-Revitalizing Oil.

I use lanza Healing Oil Shampoo and Conditioner for my hair which is thinning. I also have two bald spots, cause is unknown as I did not elect to have a biopsy. I did have two rounds of cortisone injections, to no avail. I have just started using Viviscal Pro supplements and will consider their hair care products once I have finished the Lanza products.

I also use minoxidal 5% on my scalp. It is a topical aerosol foam that I massage into my scalp daily after shampooing and conditioning. It is intended for men [the 3% is for women], but my doctor recommended it at 5%. Sadly, I haven’t noticed any hair growth. You can buy this anywhere so shop around for the best price which I found at costco

On a weekly basis, I apply a mask all over my face–physiodermie Soft Face Biopeeling. This product sloughs off dead skin cells and gives a smooth texture.

On a monthly basis, I give myself a clay mask in my oily T-zone~nose and chin.  It is 100% natural calcium bentonite clay. The brand I use is Aztec Secret, but I don’t think the brand matters. I mix the clay with 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to make the paste and then apply it to my skin to deep clean my pores.

I get a professional facial at renew once a month for a deep clean and to slough off dead skin cells.

I see a dermatologist  a few times a year for the rosacea. I am thinking about getting a chemical peel. It costs about $200.00.  The product my dermatologist uses is VI Peel.

Then, when I ponder all the time and money I spend on my skin and hair care and still experience rosacea break outs and thinning hair, I take a valium to calm my nerves.

I hope this is helpful to women who have rosacea. Please feel free to share your experience. Comments and questions are welcome.










one day, about town and in our home

Are you a Jerry Seinfeld fan? jerryseinfeldI am. This is a story about nothing. Nothing special, just a typical day in the life of me. So this is how it goes…

Bruce gets up first and sets the coffee pot. Then he takes Freddy out for a 20 minute walk while I get myself out of bed and try to make myself presentable. The operative word here is “presentable”. My hair is wild in the morning and it takes some work for it to look human. There will be no pictures of me in the morning.  By this time Bruce and Freddy are back. If the bathroom door isn’t shut tight Freddy bursts in; otherwise he waits for me to come out and I pick him up in my arms and carry him around and we look out the windows. Every morning!me

Bruce and I have a cup of coffee and breakfast while catching up on the news of the day. breakfastCoffeeMugWe always kiss and hug and this was a special morning as it is our third wedding anniversary.  And then, we go about our business.

This morning I had an appointment at the salon for a manicure as I do every other Wednesday. It is always a pleasure to see Joanne at Renew.Calm and receive a spa service from her. joanneI have been going to her for years and knew her when she worked at the salon at Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires. I was Director of Human Resources at Canyon Ranch for more than 3 years. She is from West Springfield and we have a lot in common. She used to give my mother manicures and pedicures, too.

After my manicure I went to Savers to drop off some of my gently used clothes which no longer fit [for obvious reasons]. Mostly all my clothes are from Talbots and they ranged in size from 4/small,  to shall we say infinity? I once had a financial adviser tell me to stop gaining weight to save money on clothes. bathroom-scaleOh! If only I had followed her advise I would be a richer and thinner woman. But, alas, that was not to be.

I also went inside Savers and shopped for vases which I make glass sculptures for the garden.

I also look for frogs for the garden.frog

I found a few vases and a bright pink/fushia/purple string of tinselly garland. It will work beautifully into our sitting room holiday decor.sitting room w freddy2 I would say I scored!

I checked out the cookbook section, but didn’t find anything. I was looking for something with a holiday theme, even though we already have about 5 Christmas cookbooks at home. No luck. But I did see a book entitled “Living Somewhere between Estrogen and Death”. What the heck? I didn’t even pick it up.


While I was cashing out, the cashier took a telephone call. She said only one word–“No”–and hung up and started laughing. I asked what was funny and she said the person on the line asked if they had any Tylenol or Ibuprofen. That is funny.

Then off to the post office to pick up our mail and packages. Only junk mail in the box and a package from the printing company I use, Evermine, of the Soap by Susan labels I use on soap boxes. soap in boxes

On Thursday, I will be at a house party hosted by Laura Dromgold, our former yoga teacher, selling Soap by Susan along with a woman selling hand-crafted fine jewelry. Last year, I had a successful evening and ended up spending all my sales money on jewelry. I am hoping for a repeat.

While walking out of the post office, a man was making a repair to the cement walkway. I told him he did a fine job, nice and smooth and he was appreciative of the compliment.

Next stop was Rite Aid to pick up prescriptions and buy an antihistamine for Freddy. As I walked in, I remembered it was our anniversary and thought I should get Bruce a card. So, I found a card that seemed kinda right, but I will make some changes to it, to get the message ‘just right’. We usually give each other cards and we don’t generally exchange presents.

Of course, I had to look at all the crappy, tacky Christmas stuff made in China. I have been in the store about 10 times since Halloween, but I still need to look down that aisle each and every time I go in. I love looking at Christmas decorations; it makes me feel happy. Looked at chocolates, but didn’t buy any.

Then I saw a display of West Side Terrier stuff–caps, tee shirts, socks, etc. The baseball cap was very  nice looking and made in the U.S.A..  I thought of getting it for Bruce and then thought I might as well get one for myself. The sales benefit West Side High Sports–such a deal. And a nice anniversary gift

I get to the register and cash out and realize I forgot to get Freddy’s medication. I look for Claratin–jeez, there are a lot of choices.

I went to a different register to check out, so the same person doesn’t see me again. At the register, I see a small holly plant and think of a spot it will look just perfect in our living room. I ask the cashier if she thinks it will last til Christmas and she smiles. Okay then, moving right along. I had to read each newspapers’ headlines. Harvey Weinstein made headlines and a big picture of him in the NYT. I think he is the man of the year in that he caused a sea-change in the way harassment is being spoken about and reported on in America. And Bruce wonders why it takes me so long when I am in a store?

I am starving at this point and usually I would go to Wendy’s for a chicken sandwich and fries. But I think better of it, knowing Bruce will be waiting for me to have lunch together. And sure enough, Bruce is warming up homemade chicken rice soup for us.ChickenSoup Bruce and Freddy come out to greet me. I am a very fortunate woman, on this day of our third wedding anniversary.weddingdaywithfreddy

Someone once wrote, “Don’t despise the day of small happenings.” I love all the small details of my life. They make my life whole and lovely.

How about you? What is your daily life like?