Mother’s Day 2016

mare 2

I miss Mare everyday and today is no different. I focus on what makes a ‘good’ Mother. What I mean is how does a parent love and protect and guide a child to help them become the person God meant them to be.

I think of Mare’s qualities and her character and her sole devotion to my brothers and me. Even at a young age, I marveled at her selflessness.

I don’t think or say things like “She was the BEST Mom.” A statement like that is judgmental and comparative. It says another Mom is ‘less than’ and I just don’t think in those terms.

I like to hear and read other mothers and daughters speak about their experiences and relationships~smooth, rough, troubled, overcoming conflict. And, I think about all the ways we can show our love for one another.

Lesson Learned~Don’t judge. Be loving and generous with your love.