Casey, My Dog


After I completed graduate school at UCONN in May of 1984 and before I started my new job on July 1st, I got an 8 week old puppy named Casey.  Casey was on her way to the dog pound with her litter mates to be given up and I took her from the owner. It had been 11 years since I left my parents home and didn’t have a dog. What a gift to myself!


For the 13 years that I had Casey, I brought her to Mare and Joe’s house and they took care of her while I worked or any time I was away from my home for more than 4 hours.


Each morning, she was eager to get in the car and to go to their home. And each evening, she would be so happy when I returned. It was back in the day when dogs just went outside on their own and were not leashed or tied up. Mare went for a short walk each day with Casey, just down the street. Joe said Casey would sit on a neighbor’s yard and keep a watch-full eye on both houses.


At around 5p.m., Casey would sit on the front step, waiting for me to return. I did a lot of business and personal travel in those years and Casey would be disappointed when I didn’t show up as anticipated. Mare would get upset because Casey would repeatedly go in and out. Sometimes, when I telephoned home, Mare would hold the telephone out so Casey could hear my voice.


She was a sweet girl with a gentle disposition. She was my most devoted companion for 13 beautiful years. When it came time for me to put her down, it was saddest thing for me to do. I had  prayed that I would have the courage to do the right thing at the right time for Casey. I cried and cried and Mare and Joe did, too.  I didn’t think my world would ever be good or right again.


Lesson Learned~Never give up the opportunity to rescue or save a dog from the pound.  Love and care for your dog and you will be rewarded a hundred times over.

P.S. One of the best lines in cinematic history, in my opinion, is from the movie “The War of the Roses”. Danny Devito, the sage, weathered, older lawyer replies to the young inexperienced lawyer when asked about a relationship gone sour: “There are cat people and there are dog people.”