One thing leads to another

You know what I am talking about, don’t you? We all have plenty of these stories.



$$-it won’t break the bank, but you need to be careful

$$$-expensive, but you want it and you will figure out how to pay for it

$$$$-wicked expensive, you should probably think twice about it.

$$$$$-get outta here

I’ll tell you my latest version. I guess it goes back 2 years when Bruce bought a teardrop camper [$$$$]. We both have different recollections as to why he bought a camper since he has never camped and I have camped, but hate it. In the past 2 years the camper has moved from the driveway to the front lawn. That’s it, folks. A total of about 30 feet, one-way. It had a maiden voyage and then one other, if I remember correctly.


So, if you buy a camper and you have a VW Jetta, you need to buy a new car to haul the camper. Yes, one thing does lead to another…A new 2015 Outlook Subaru [$$$$$] and all the accessories [$$]that go with it, especially the custom hitch and the mirror to see it when you are backing up to the camper.


We bought all the special things you need for the camper, too. Who knew that you needed special toilet paper?

If you have a car and a camper, you need to enlarge your driveway. Otherwise, the camper is sitting on the side lawn causing all sorts of weeds to grow under it.


A new enlarged driveway was installed [$$$]. The camper was moved to the front lawn during construction.


At the same time, we noticed that the pine trees in the back yard had overgrown. At first we thought we could have them cut back, but as we looked more closely at the trees, we realized they would need to come down. Mind you that these were once little slips of trees that my mother planted for me for privacy when I first moved into this home in 1979. So, we called in the tree service that we usually use and the 4 trees were removed and the stumps were grinded down. [$$]

Whoa! We were blinded by all the light that now streamed into the backyard, reflecting off the white vinyl fence that encloses the entire back yard.


In the meantime, we noticed that the four 10 year old Martha Stewart lawn chairs from K-Mart were looking rather ratty. They were rusty and some of the faux wicker was coming undone.

I went to a nice outdoor furniture shop and purchased 2 chairs for Bruce and me to sit and relax in while we enjoy our glass of wine each evening, looking at the garden and enjoying the visiting birds and butterflies.

The chairs were to be delivered the following week. Bruce wanted to see what I bought so I showed him a picture on-line. He said we ought to go and look at them again and probably buy 2 more chairs to fully replace what we were going to let go of. Okay! Bruce and I, and Freddy, went to the store and we ended up buying the dining table that went with the four chairs. Then, we picked out two lawn chairs for us to sit in. You knew that was coming, right?

I went on-line and purchased 4 cushions for the dining chairs and two coordinating cushions for the lawn chairs.

The removal of the trees and buying the new dining set led to engaging a landscape designer to create a plan for the back yard so that we would have greenery to deflect the light and add beauty. And, could you add a design for a patio because we just bought a dining table and chairs? A water feature would be nice, but we didn’t pursue that idea. Sometimes, you just have to say “no more, that’s enough for now.”


And, yes, the front entrance way needed a new landscape design as the brick walk way would be torn up and replaced by the driveway contractor as it had failed by sinking.  More stone was needed to widen and lengthen the walkway.  Concrete window wells were also installed [$$]. A Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry tree was added.


Even though autumn was coming upon us, we thought it best to have the landscaping/driveway contractor plant the large shrubs and trees that the landscape designer specified since he and his crew were here already and they had the equipment to transport the trees and shrubs and to dig the big holes to accommodate the plantings.


Bruce and I, with Freddy in tow, went to a nursery to select plantings according to the designer’s specs. We were able to find exactly what we wanted. Ten arborvitae, two hynoki bushes, and the aforementioned snow fountain weeping cherry [$$$].


When the contractor went to pick them up, he was surprised by how much we had purchased as we had only discussed the arborvitae with him. But, once we saw that the nursery had the other trees and bushes that the designer had specified, we said why not get them now?

Oh, by the way, we needed to get the stump grinder back to go deeper as the crew hit roots when they were digging [$].

Here are 2 trees planted next to the back steps–a verdon golden hinoki cypress on the left and a Stowe Pillar White Pine on the right. New white metal chair on the right.


Here is gracilis hinoki, a beautiful specimen, which is centered in the corner of the northwest fence.


When you buy a dining table and 4 chairs and cushions, you need an umbrella. So off I went back to the outdoor furniture store, with Freddy, and picked out a lovely Aruba Blue umbrella and an umbrella stand, which is necessary. While I was at the shop, I noticed a casual lawn chair that was marked down and I asked for a further discount. That chair was the least expensive thing we bought during this 2 year episode!

So, I went back on-line to buy a cushion for the new chair. And, oh by the way, we might as well get a new cushion for the vintage metal motel chair (that belonged to Mare) we have as the old cushion will look out of place [$].


The paint color on the four exterior doors needs to be updated, of course. We have had Benjamin Moore Victorian Purple for the past five years and it has suited us very well. Yet, we want a change in paint color and something new to reflect all the other changes we have made to the outside of our home. Of course.

Paint is relatively inexpensive for the bang you get out of it. And, Bruce paints. He is the best painter. We are considering Benjamin Moore Calliente. It is a shade of red with orange undertones which will pick up on the brick steps and walkway.


But why he bought that teardrop camper, I’ll never know.


Lesson learned~Don’t buy a teardrop camper unless you are committed to all the other things that go with it. And, support local businesses that are dog friendly. We do.